Tattoos during pregnancy: Why you shouldn’t do it

KIMT – Tattoos can be a form of self-expression, but mothers-to-be have to be extra cautious if they plan to get inked during their pregnancy.

If you are getting a tattoo while pregnant make sure your tattoo artist is registered and they’re wearing gloves at all times.

If not you could develop an infection or even an STD.

Katie Bissell, Tattoo Artist and Owner of Kats Tats, says they don’t even offer to tattoo pregnant woman because of the risks.

“We prefer not to do it just for safety,” said Bissell. “You never know if they would for some reason get an infection it could go through the bloodstream and affect the baby. So it’s just a safer route not to.”

One alternative is a temporary henna tattoo, but you have to be careful with that as well. You want to make sure your artist isn’t using black henna dye because it can cause burns and blisters.

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