Man lights fireworks above dog, faces animal cruelty charges

Animal Lives Matter Facebook Page

ATLANTA (NEWS10) – A man shown in a clip that’s now gone viral is facing animal cruelty charges after “pranking” his dog, trapping him on a front porch and setting off fireworks around the animal.

The video has been viewed thousands of times online and is trending on Facebook with people all over the world calling on authorities for the owner to be charged. The Facebook group: Animal Lives Matter posted it to their page, which sparked an outrage.

You can see in the video the owner lights off two fireworks and shuts the door to the house so his dog cannot get back inside.

Reports from local news organizations in Atlanta say the cellphone video was taken by his 13-year-old daughter. You can hear a young female burst into laughter towards the end of the footage.

Animal services officials said they started getting calls early Wednesday about the video.

The owner admits it was bad judgment on his part to post the incident to social media.

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