Company from Saratoga, MadGlory, building one of a kind platforms for gaming

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – At MadGlory they handle all of the coding and algorithms that make video games work; but they say it’s also imperative that you love to play video games, like these guys.

“Authors read books, painters look at paintings; we play video games all the time. We want everyone to know the newest cool features of all the games out there because that’s what we build for our customers,” said Brian Corrigan, MadGlory managing partner.

The community of online gamers worldwide encompasses hundreds of millions of users interfacing simultaneously on one network for one game at a time.

MadGlory is one of a few companies in the world that troubleshoot and perfect issues with individual games, and are responsible for maintaining parts of the cloud or internal network that all users access when playing a game like league of legends which has millions of subscribers worldwide. It’s all done with algorithms within coding.

“We can change the way it matches; it can match on skill, it can match on how far you are from somebody, about your play history, the type of stuff you like to do. So we kind of work on this stuff all the time and add new stuff to it,” said Corrigan.

Some people are constantly chatting with clients all over the world. Gaming competitions worth millions of dollars are held in front of thousands of tense fans who are counting on this staff of 25; managing everything from right here at their Saratoga Springs office.

“As far as gaming goes we are three hours from Boston, New York, and Montreal. We kind of make a very specific piece of games and so the more game companies, the more people local, the better for us,” Corrigan said.

With so much riding on every key stroke, Brian Corrigan says things can get a bit tense. Guitars, fury hats and lava lamps help create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

“When you work in a creative industry you’ve got to have a place the just inspired people’s creativity so we try to make out fun and flexible. That’s what people pay us for,” he said.

There’s a lot that goes in to these games with the coding and whatnot, but they definitely make sure to keep themselves in a very comfortable state of mind to get the job don’t.

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