Verizon raising prices on plans, increasing data

Credit: Adrianna Calvo / MGN

(NEWS10) – Verizon Wireless announced changes to its wireless plans on Wednesday.

Verizon says starting on July 7, customers can choose the amount of data that they want and can make choices through its new My Verizon app.

The My Verizon app will now tell you about your data, how much data is being used and by whom, shop for accessories and new phones, customer support, and bills and payment information.

Verizon is now offering S-M-L-XL-XXL data plans. Verizon says customers can switch between data sizes with a few clicks, without penalties. All plans come with unlimited talk and text.

Costs of the new plans:


  • Small: Now $35/month for 2 GB (was $30/month for 1GB)
  • Medium: Now $50/month for 4 GB (was $45/month for 3GB)
  • Large: Now $70/month for 8 GB (was $60/month for 6GB)
  • X-Large: Now $90/month for 16 GB (was $80/month for 12GB)
  • XX-Large: Now $110/month for 24 GB (was $100/month for 18GB)

The plans will also offer the opportunity to carryover unused data, ability to switch to a slower network if users go over the monthly data limit, pay $15 for each additional GB, and international calling options.

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