Sister of murdered Colonie barber Jackie Porreca reacts to Albany County Jail documentary

Video still of Michael Chmielewski from the British documentary "Life Inside Jail: Hell on Earth."

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local man accused of killing a Colonie barber in 2015 has appeared in a new documentary that depicts life behind bars.

A British documentary was filmed at the Albany County Jail. It’s called “Life Inside Jail: Hell on Earth.” It aired in England this week.

The aim of the documentary is to show life behind bars in a typical American jail.

The film features Michael Chmielewski, who stands accused in the murder of Jackie Porreca in August 2015. According to police, Chmielewski entered the Recycled Salon looking for money to buy drugs. Porreca was working alone in the salon at the time. She was stabbed in the neck.

Police said Sean Moreland acted as the getaway driver.

The British production company happened to be at the jail the day police arrested both men. Chmielewski, detoxing from heroin, openly talked to the producer.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anything that painful, that broken; a human body that broken,” he said in the film. “It’s not right.”

Over the weeks that followed, a drug free Chmielewski said he never intended to kill Porreca. He allowed the producers to follow his every move, including visits with his estrange wife, his attempts to strike a deal with prosecutors, and he talked about the alleged murder.

“I’m not a murderer,” he said.

“You are a murderer,” the producer counters.

“I’m a killer; not a murderer,” Chmielewski responds. “I did not murder her. I did not have any intent to kill her. I never wanted her death. I got no satisfaction from it.”

Porreca’s sister, Janeah, watched the documentary online.

“I didn’t see remorse,” she said. “I am totally dumbfounded as to why he’d do this. All I can think is that he wants it out there in the public. He wants the public to know what a good person he was, and he wouldn’t do something like this if he was normal. And I think he wants pity from people and for them to see his side, but I don’t have pity for that, and I hope no one else does. He took an innocent life.”

NEWS10 ABC reporter Anya Tucker reached out to Chmielewski through his attorney but did not receive a call back.

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