60-year-old Troy man falls off cliff at Bouck Island into Schoharie Creek

FULTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A 60-year-old Troy man is recovering in the hospital after he fell 15 feet off a cliff into shallow water Sunday evening.

The incident happened at what’s known as Bouk Island, near the intersection of Redling Road and Route 30 in the Town of Fulton.

60-year-old Mike Silocott and his friend James Marczak were camping near the top of the cliff in question.

Marczak says he turned around and Silocott was gone. He says Silocott had been banging some firewood and likely lost his footing.

Marczak looked over the edge of the cliff and saw Silocott turned over in the water.

He asked Silocott if he was alright and Silocott answered that he didn’t know.

“He could have been dead, I was worried like crazy,” says Marczak.

Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond says they received the call about the incident around 6:30 Sunday night.

The Middleburg Fire Department and SCHO-WRIGHT Ambulance and County Paramedic along with the Sheriff’s Office and State Police responded to the scene.

“Middleburgh firemen went across this creek with an inflatable rescue boat and brought the subject back across the water,” says Sheriff Desmond.

Desmond says Schoharie Ambulance then transported Silocott to Bassett Hospital of Schoharie County.

“He claimed pain to his hip and lower back,” says Desmond.

Desmond says Silocott probably fell about 15 feet into around a foot of water.

“God has a plan for him,” says Marczak. “By the grace of God he’s still alive.”

Marczak says his friend got lucky, and that the outcome of Sunday’s accident could have been much worse.

“I ain’t never dreamed of something like that would happen today or I would have prevented it,” says Marczak. “I would never let it happen.”

Sheriff Desmond says this was the second major incident of the day, after a 25-year-old woman was airlifted to Albany Med after crashing her ATV in a heavily wooded area of West Fulton.

Desmond says he urges people to take their time, and to think wisely.

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