Storm aftermath reveals downed trees, power lines in Schenectady

Storm damage on Wright Avenue in Schenectady on July 1, 2016. (NEWS10)

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Many Schenectady residents are starting their Fourth of July weekend with storm damage cleanup.

Storms ripped through Schenectady County on Friday. Torrential rain and strong winds uprooted dozens of trees in the city and took down power lines with them.

Central Park was one of the hardest hit areas. But the damage was worse on Wright Avenue.

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“I saw my garbage can go flying past me,” Terry Cumberbatch said. “I went inside the house, came back, and all of this had happened.”

Huge trees blocked the road. Some were split down the middle, and they took up part of the sidewalk. Neighbors said the storms only lasted about 15 minutes, but in that short timeframe, significant damage was done.

Trees were uprooted and blocked both sides of Wright Avenue. No one can get in or out.

At one end of the road, neighbors got a head start at cleanup on Friday night. George Shaw was working for hours.

“That’s the first thing we did was clear out the road,” he said. “Not that it does much good. If you look down the road, there’s another.”

Crews from the city will be working through the night to clean the downed trees from the blocked road.

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