Report: NYS job creation program only created 408 jobs so far

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Millions of dollars was spent on a highly touted job creation program that produced significantly lower jobs than expected.

The numbers on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature job program were supposed to be released three months ago. But instead, the 16-page report was released online right before the busy, Fourth of July weekend.

Start-Up NY uses tax free zones at colleges and universities to attract companies and jobs, but the numbers have fallen way short of expectations.

“He has no idea what he’s doing,” Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin exclaimed.

McLaughlin voted ‘no’ on the program because he “thought it was a joke.”


“The program isn’t working,” he said. “It needs to be shut down, which is why I have the hashtag on Twitter: #ShutdownStartUpNY

The report revealed only 332 jobs were created in 2015, and $50 million was spent promoting the program. Seventy-six jobs were created in 2014, which makes a total of 408 jobs.

“This is a state of 19 million people,” McLaughlin said. “Three hundred thirty-two jobs is a joke.”

McLaughlin emphasized the loss of 45 taxpaying jobs at General Electric in Latham, which were replaced with non-taxpaying jobs.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Cuomo was seen with actor Robert De Niro on Catskill’s new tourism initiative. But when it came to his report being released at the last minute, Cuomo was nowhere to be found.

The companies that received the tax breaks from Start-Up NY promised more than 4,000 jobs within five years.


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