Record number of travelers expected for 4th of July weekend

(NEWS10) – Governor Cuomo has suspended construction in New York to make the commute easier for travelers for the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

The number of travelers for this 4th of July weekend are expected to break records and AAA is suggesting that might be because gas prices are down 50 cents from where they were this time last year.

AAA is suggesting people are more comfortable with their finances this year allowing them to take a break and skip town.

They are projecting that 43 million Americans will travel this weekend and as always to get to get their destination they said 84% will get behind the wheel.

News10ABC caught up with a family traveling from Middletown, Ohio who told us it’s cheaper and easier that way. They are heading to the Boston area and drove through the night.

“Since 6:30 pm, straight through. No stopping, just to go to the bathroom. Had we left and gone through the major cities, rush hour probably would have been ugly. So this was a good plan I think,” said Stephanie Cooper.

AAA said if you thought Memorial Day was bad add 5 million vehicles.

Even if your aren’t planning on a weekend trip, say down to the lake or wherever it may be, you can still expect some travel delays as you head out on the roadways. There will be traffic delays for those firework displays around the Capital Region this weekend starting tonight.

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