Man accused of injuring Schenectady officers during confrontation, arrest captured on video

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Schenectady Police arrested a man following a confrontation between a city resident and police that resulted in two police officers being treated for injuries.

Police say they approached Wilson Taylor, 28, after he was preventing cars from traveling in their lane of traffic in the middle of Albany Street near Summit Avenue.

“One of our supervisors was driving down Albany Street, observed a long line of cars that was backed up,” Lt. Mark McCracken said.

Sgt. Nowicki ordered Taylor to move, but police say Taylor didn’t comply with his orders. While placing Taylor under arrest, he is accused of attacking Sgt. Nowicki and knocking him to the ground.

Additional units responded and Taylor was taken into custody. Lt. McCracken says he was arrested after officers used pepper spray, a taser, and baton spikes.

A viewer sent in a video of the arrest from their cell phone in their car.

Police have confirmed the video captures the arrest of Taylor.

“Behind the van, to the left, you can actually see Sergeant Nowicki stumbling and falling to the ground,” Lt. McCracken said.

NEWS10 ABC showed the video to former Troy Police Captain John Cooney. He says the officers met Taylor’s resistance with the appropriate level of force and did what they did based on their training and experience.

“This is a success story and this is a great example of good police work,” Cooney said.

Taylor is charged with 2nd degree assault, one count of resisting arrest, and one count of disorderly conduct.

Sgt. Nowicki and another officer was taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the arrest. It is unknown how long the officers will be out of work for.

Wilson Taylor is currently being held in city lockup and was arraigned Friday morning. Taylor is being held for lack of $15,000 cash bail/$30,000 bond.

His preliminary hearing is being held on July 6.

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