7/1 Pet Connection: Halo

Halo 7 year old DSH NM Tiger and White

Want to meet the sweetest, gentlest cat in the world? Come to Berkshire Humane and meet Halo. This boy is currently the nicest cat in our cat mall. He came to us after being found stray in New York City. The ASPCA needed BHS’ help in rehoming a few cats when they got over run with a hoarding situation. They felt Halo would love the country life better than the city life and they sure were right. As you see he has an old eye injury that we think happened when he was living on the streets. The vet has looked at it and feels that it is nothing to worry about. Halo would do best in an only cat household due to the fact that he is AIDS positive. Please don’t let this deter you from taking him home. Cats that are AIDS positive can still live a long healthy life like any other household cats.

Since Halo loves being indoors so much now, we feel it would be best if he stays an indoor cat. We don’t ever want to see him out on the streets again!! How can you say no to this handsome guys face

Berkshire Humane Society 413-447-7878

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