Dad recreates daughter’s selfies, posts go viral

SPOKANE, Wash. (ABC NEWS)  – It all started when Chris Martin, a dad of three and a comedian at heart, thought his 19-year-old daughter was taking too many selfies.

“I just did it because she was posting all these sexy selfies and I said tone it down a bit. She didn’t so I said, ‘I’ll show you what it look like then.”

Chris has been posting these photos periodically over the last year, but neither of them had any idea what would happen next.

“Last night it completely exploded,” Chris said.

“The next day it hit 10,000, the next day it hit like 12,000. It just kept going,” Cassie Martin said.

Cassie says she thinks the pictures are so popular because it’s something parents and teens can laugh about together.

“A lot of parents can relate to it because their teenage daughters and teenage sons will take selfies all the time.”

Chris says he’s blown away by the response, especially from news agencies in other countries.

“I’m like why are you interested in me? I’m just a dumb American making fun of his daughter.”

Cassie says overall, the feedback has been positive, and it’s made her appreciate her dad even more.

“So many people have been posting father of the year, this is hilarious, dad goals.”

Chris says he’s just happy to make so many people smile.

“There is so many bad things going on. It’s just something dumb to laugh at ya know. If I can make someone laugh in Japan or Australia, that’s great.”

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