Check this out: NEWS10 ABC shows off our spiffy new set

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In case you haven’t noticed, we have a new look at NEWS10 ABC.IMG_0528

Over the last few weeks we’ve been making some changes to our newsroom set, like our new anchor desk. We added multiple monitors behind the desk to create the effect of one large screen, not to mention numerous lighting changes for different parts of the set.

But the largest addition is the alert desk!

The area is meant specifically for breaking news situations. These computers are connected to our network so we can access to news wires and our scripts to get updated information into our newsroom and our shows and out to our viewers as fast as possible.

All monitors are connected to lives feeds so we can see what’s happening anywhere there is breaking news live-shot. So, if we are in the middle of a newscast, we can assign a reporter to be stationed here working and gathering information.

There is also a hot line phone to the control room so you can alert a producer you have new information for a live hit.

It’s called the Alert Desk for a reason, because the main function of this set is to get it on-air as fast as we can.

We’ll be coming to you LIVE even more now.

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