Police: Scammers trying to take advantage of Hoosick Falls water contamination crisis

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local community already facing hardship, is now dealing with another issue, a scam.

As people living here in Hoosick Falls continue to drink bottled water, police say they have to be careful on their phones and computers too.

Every day, as Maryann Jacobs washes the dishes; she’s reminded of her and her family’s high PFOA levels on their hand.

“These are numbers I’m going to carry with the rest of my life. You know these are my children. These are my family, the people I love.”

Writing the PFOA numbers on her hand each morning is a way to face the fact that she and her family were drinking and using contaminated water for years.

“You know that’s a burden that I’m going to have to carry. You know it’s there even if I didn’t write it.”

Now Jacobs and other people living in Hoosick Falls are facing another issue, a scam.

Police say they are investigating reports of a person or people requesting donations by phone and social media to help people deal with the water concerns in Hoosick Falls.

They say there is no organization requesting this kind of donation.

“This isn’t a joke. This is peoples’ lives. This is a town that is suffering and will be suffering down the road.”

Loreen Hackett created a Twitter account known as the PFOA Project NY, to try and raise awareness about the water crisis.

She affirms they’re not the scammers and only want lawmakers to help them setup a fund to help people pay for PFOA testing and other needs.

“None of us are looking for a personal dime. What we’re looking for is answers and hearings,” Hackett said.

It’s in these answers, not money, that Jacob says will help their children in the long run.

“We are in this to make sure that the future is a lot better, that our kids.”

Hoosick Falls police urge all people living in the Village or Town to contact them at (518)-686-7900 if they receive a request for these types of donations.

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