Officials: Bobcat that attacked couple in New Scotland had rabies

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany County Health Department says the bobcat that attacked two people on Wednesday had rabies.

The man and woman who were attacked on Rock Hill Road started rabies treatments immediately after being bitten. Police said the couple went to a residence to borrow furniture for a garage sale.

The wife was playing with the family when she heard growling and hissing.

Seconds later, she was bitten and was left with four severe bites. Her husband jumped in to help but was also bitten. That’s when the homeowner pinned the bobcat down with a chair and then shot and killed it.

The treatment is ongoing.

The bobcat was shot and killed following the attack.

Neighbors and officials said it’s common to find bobcats and other wildlife in the town of New Scotland, but it’s rare for them to attack people.

The DEC says bobcats are pretty reclusive and tend to keep to themselves.

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