Mohawk Hudson Humane Society completes first international rescue

MENANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two dogs are now in the care of a local shelter after traveling halfway across the world.

The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society helps care for hundreds of animals who are neglected and then helps them find new, loving families. This week, two new guests have made their way to Menands.

Meet Stella and Rose, the shelter’s first international rescue.

“We were very anxious at first to get them through customs,” MHHS Dir. of Animal Welfare Services Nancy Haynes said.

The dogs are a little shy at first but give them some food, and Haynes said they’re just like any other American-born dog.

“It’s amazing to see them at the start of this journey,” she said.

Their journey started in Bosnia.

“There’s a woman who is originally from Schenectady whose husband is stationed at the American Embassy in Bosnia,” MHHS Exec. Dir. Brad Shear explained.

She saw Stella and Rose and knew she had to help them.

“Throughout the world, there really aren’t systems in every country of animal shelters, so you end up, in a lot of these counties, with packs of dogs just running in the street,” Shear said. “They don’t feed the animals every day. The kennels aren’t heated.”

So when Sarah Wockley found out she’d be traveling stateside for a few days, she took as many dogs as you can on a commercial flights. That number is just two.

When Stella and Rose landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., Haynes was waiting for them to bring them to their new home.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever transported an international dog, so it really was an amazing trip,” she said.

“They both have some medical issues, some physical issues,” Shear said. “We have an orthopedic surgeon taking a look at x-rays of them to see what might need to be done.”

It was an unusual and first of its kind rescue for Shear and his team at the MHHS, but it comes with a happy ending.

For Stella and Rose, they went from the streets of Bosnia to a loving home somewhere in the Capital Region.

“To have a place where people care so much about these dogs that you can take two dogs from overseas that weren’t cared for and we know that we people are going to open their hearts to them,” Shear said.

Stella and Rose aren’t ready to be adopted, yet. They still need care and need to be looked after, but the MHHS said it will provide updates as soon as they are ready to be adopted.

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