Investigators: Interrogation tapes show new details in fiancé kayak death

Angelika Graswald (NYSP)

GOSHEN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There are new details in the case of a woman accused of murdering her fiancé on a kayaking trip.

Prosecutors say interrogation tapes capture her saying she wanted him dead.

A state police investigator testified that Angelika Graswald admitted she took her fiancé’s paddle after he capsized. The detective also testified that during their conversation, Graswald said she felt “trapped” and wanted to be free of her fiancé’s demands of sex with him and another woman.

In Graswald’s 11-hour taped interrogation, she repeatedly denies killing her fiancé until finally admitting that she wanted him dead.

“Well they kept me asking me the same questions like a hundred times. I knew that I was innocent; I was at my breaking point, I just, I had it. So I just gave ’em what they wanted,” Angelika said.

Angelika’s attorney, Rich Porale, is now under a gag order, but last year maintained that Graswald did nothing wrong and other factors led to her fiancé’s death.

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