Brawls break out along strip of bars in Troy after Rockin’ on the River

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A series of fights broke out overnight in Troy.

The first fight happened at the Biergarten on King Street. It started shortly after the Rockin’ on the River Concert Series which is held at the Riverfront Park, just a four minute walk from the bar.

Another fight broke out near The Ruck in Troy at 3rd and Congress Street, which is just down the road from Riverfront Park and the Beirgarten.

Bouncers and employees at the bar tell NEWS10 one person was knocked out cold and taken from the scene by police, but let go after talking to them. The bar also says they had a pretty rowdy crowd.

Police tell NEWS10 they don’t believe the two are connected but it is under investigation.

Police also don’t know of anyone that was seriously hurt or taken to the hospital, they aren’t looking for any suspects and don’t believe any arrests will come from these fights.

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