Cohoes community pushing for safer crossing after teen hit, killed on 787

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local community still grieving the loss of a 16-year-old student who was hit and killed by a car while trying to cross the street on Thursday is now asking for a safer crossing on 787 where Brittany Knight died.

Police say Brittany died after being hit by a car Thursday night at the intersection of 787 and Bridge Avenue in Cohoes.

Brittany Knight was walking across Cohoes Boulevard when a car heading North, hit her.

Now Brittany’s friends and family are hoping to do some good in light of her death.

“Her smile was like a million other smiles in one. Her heart was bigger than a million people in one room. She was just the life of everybody and everything,” said Amber Foy, Brittany’s step-mom. “It’s like living a nightmare every day, that I’m not coming out of.”

Foy says that’s how she wants to remember her step-daughter.

“It’s not fair that somebody so young has to lose their life over something so ridiculous.”

What Foy calls ‘ridiculous’ is where the crash happened; the area of 787 running through the city of Cohoes.

Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse says having a highway through city is flawed. He said two other deaths have occurred in a similar area in the last 10 years. He plans to set up a meeting with the Department of Transportation to rethink the design of that particular area of 787.

Amber Foy says something needs to be done immediately.

Now Foy and other relatives and friends are raising awareness to do just that. They gathered in West End Park in Cohoes, holding posters and asking people to sign a petition for a safer 787.

“They’re just in a rush,” said Jennifer Taylor, Brittany’s aunt. ”And to me it’s in a rush to go nowhere because if you’re rushing and you’re speeding and you kill somebody, where are you going? Nowhere.”

“Kids should not have to die all the time because people don’t know how to slow down or go the speed limit or not know how to stop,” said Savannah Knight, Brittany’s older sister.

Brittany’s sister, Savannah, and her aunt, Jennifer Taylor, say the city could build a pedestrian bridge, have a crossing guard during school hours, lower the speed limit, or synchronize the traffic lights.

But no matter what happens, relatives say the community’s support means a lot to their family, and to Brittany.

“I think she would probably have like tears of joy,” said Larissa Knight, Brittany’s younger sister.

While making changes to 787 can’t bring Brittany back, they hope it will bring them some closure, and prevent this from happening to anyone else.

“It’s for everybody, so nobody has to deal with such a tragedy,” said Foy.

Cohoes police say the investigation is still ongoing. The Albany County District Attorney’s Office and State Police are also investigating.

In the meantime, there is an online petition for increasing safety around 787 in Cohoes. To sign, visit:

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