VIRAL VIDEO: 3-year-old fan bawls eyes out over Stephen Curry ejection

OAKLAND (KRON) — When Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry got ejected from the NBA Finals Game 6 with his team down by 4 three pointers and 4 minutes to go, Emiley Woods buried her head in her hands and let out a piercing shriek.

“Stephen Curry fouled out!,” Emiley hollered.

As Curry disappeared into the arena’s visiting team tunnel, Emiley realized that her beloved team’s chance to rally from a 12-point deficit also vanished. That’s when she wailed in despair and started slapping the family couch.

Patrick can’t explain Emiley’s loyalty to the Warriors. The Tennessee family has been to the Golden State one time, a trip to Los Angeles.
“She’s a big Warriors fan and never wants to miss a game,” says her father Patrick Woods. “The thing is, the rest of us are Cleveland Cavaliers fans.”

“She watches YouTube videos of Steph on her mother’s cell phone,” Patrick explains.

Emiley is outnumbered in her family — her mom, dad, and older brother are all Cavs fans — but that doesn’t intimidate the fiery tot.  She will glare at them and shout back her allegiance to Dub Nation.

“We’ll be cheering for LeBron and the Cavs during the game but she’ll start hollering M-V-P,” Patrick says with a chuckle.

Emiley is aware of what’s at stake Sunday.  In the video, her dad is heard consoling her with words that Curry will be back for Game 7 and that the Warriors still have a chance to win the title.

Patrick credits his daughter’s high basketball IQ to her interest in her 7-year-old brother’s hoops team. She leads cheers and screams out plays to her brother from the sidelines.

KRON is going to check in with Emiley on Sunday after the winner-take-all Game 7 to get her reaction. Stay with us for what is expected to be an emotional night for the toddler.

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