Troy transforms into Tech City, company lights up future

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Troy is quickly earning a new name as a growing tech city.

Imagine any world virtual reality can take you to. Spaceout VR, a tech company in Troy, is currently developing what it calls ‘Pow Wow’, a product that can take you anywhere in the world you want to go.

Dan Gorman is an Association VR Engineer at Spaceout, and a junior at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Gorman says Pow Wow is essentially Google Street View, but with a high tech twist.

“You’ll be able to go anywhere in the world and hang out with your friends there, and talk with them, and work with them,” says Gorman.

Own Bush is a co-founder and CEO of Spaceout VR. He says he sees Pow Wow as a transformational communications technology on the same level as cell phones or video conferencing software Skype.

“Virtual reality is the next giant tech mega-trend,” says Bush. “We consider it to be a trend as big as the internet itself.”

He says virtual reality is projected to be a $150 billion dollar industry by 2020, and says the thinks the Capital Region can be a major hub.

“We want to be a beacon for the virtual reality economy in this region,” says Bush.

Spaceout VR is currently selling in Japan and China, with the ultimate goal of acquiring a large footprint overseas.

Spaceout VR shares the same building, the Quackenbush in downtown Troy, with numerous other tech companies and startups.

One of those startups is Lightexture, a company that uses digital technologies to create unique lighting fixtures.

One of the designers at Lightexture, Yael Erel, who teaches architecture at RPI, says the company’s original patented design drew inspiration from a steel vegetable steamer.

Many of Lightfixture designs are interactive, allowing users to literally change the shape and form of the lampshade in dramatic ways.

“By changing the light fixture, you can actually change your environment,” says Erel.

While various other projects come to life within the tech valley, the engineers at Spaceout VR hope the center of gravity of the industry will be the first floor of the Quackenbush.

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