OK or not OK? Teens on birth control

WASHINGTON (WFLA) – Teen pregnancies are at a historical low. The Centers for Disease Control sites better use of birth control as one factor, but what do you think? Is it okay or not okay to put your teen daughter on the pill?

“I think it’s okay, but I’d like her to get some education first, to probably abstain, because their bodies aren’t really ready if they’re really young. Psychologically they’re not ready sometimes. So at least if they have the education and then the decision is made that I still want to go on birth control, it’s much more responsible than not,” said mom Marie McGlynn.

Many agree, saying society and outside influences on teens make it too scary to not play it safe.

“A lot of teenagers don’t have the right support when they grow up, so I believe it is okay to put them on birth control to prevent teen pregnancy,” said Melissa Heikoff, who works for a foster program helping teenage girls.

Others argue it’s still medication and teenagers should know what’s in birth control and how it can affect your body long term.

“When I’m a mother, I wouldn’t want that for my daughter because they don’t understand all the stuff that’s in that,” said Maria Penalosa.

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