Crews tear down Colonie eyesore: Skylane Motel

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — There’s some good news for Colonie residents. The eyesore along Central Avenue, also known as the Skylane Motel, has been demolished.

This is the end of a two year struggle between the town and the owners. The Skylane was one of two troubled motels owned by the Patel family.

skylane 2It only took a few scoops of the excavator for the demolition to begin. The Skylane’s descent really began years ago.

It was the resident’s formal complaint two years ago that helped to secure a search warrant. The true scope of the dismal conditions at both the Skylane and its sister motel the BluBell then fully revealed.

Some desperate residents were paying $800 a month to live there. Other rooms were rented out by sex-offender and the down and out. Albany taxpayers were picking up the tab. A bulldozer arrived to tear down the Blu-Bell Motel in Colonie on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. (NEWS10)

Owner Alex Patel was raking in more than $5 million in county money.

“I personally think it’s great that it’s coming down,” Bill Fluty, who lives directly behind the motels, said.

My neighbor in back of me put up a fence because the people who lived there would walk through the woods. It got a little hairy at times.

Patel agreed to tear down both properties and never replace them with motels. In return, $750,000 in fines would be forgiven.

The zoning board has approved a self-storage business at the Skylane site. The BluBell was demolished last year; a retail space is set to go up in its place, although no building has yet been started.

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