NC police officer gives single mom money for tires, tags instead of ticketing her

RAMSEUR, N.C. (WFMY) – When Jessica Cornstubble was pulled over in Ramseur for expired tags on her car, she expected the worst.

“I was like, ‘just let me go!’” she said to Sgt. Ronnie Kidd of the Ramseur Police Department. “I promise I’m going to get it done!”

Cornstubble had a rough couple months leading up to that. The 26-year-old single mom from Asheboro recently lost her job, her car needed two new front tires and she had been ticketed once already for driving with expired tags.

“I was very distraught,” she remembered. “I didn’t know what to do.”

So when she got pulled over in Ramseur at the intersection of Highway 64 and Highway 49, she was hoping Sgt. Kidd would let her off with a warning. She was on her way to Snow Camp to pick up her children who had been staying with her mother.

She told the sergeant she didn’t have the money for the tags and taxes because she needed to buy tires first. She had recently bought one, but still needed to come up with the money for the other.
So, instead of giving her a ticket the police officer did something incredible.

“He just took out his wallet and gave me $40,” Cornstubble said. “And I was like, I just started balling.”

Kidd told WFMY News 2 he wanted Cornstubble to be safe in the car with her children. He said everyone’s been “down on luck” before, and that any other officer in his department would have done the same thing.

“It shows that he’s not just a man with a badge,” Cornstubble said. “He’s a man with a heart.”

Now Cornstubble not only has the tires she needs, but also renewed tags for her car.

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