Local teen arrested for Harassment after alleged cyberbullying

ALTAMONT, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local teen with autism is standing strong after he was a recent victim of a cyberbullying incident on Facebook.

Austin Carter was scared for his life when he received the threats on social media. His parents called the police, and on Tuesday, the accused bully was arrested for Harassment.

“All that matters is for me to move on and just don’t worry about it,” Carter said.

On June 1, the 15-year old saw a status on Facebook. It made fun of the way he played football as well as threatened to fight him and put a gun to his head.

“I got really nervous,” he said. “I got really scared.”

His father, Bobby LaMontain, called Guilderland police.

“My son, he’s 15, and he’s autistic; very innocent,” LaMontain said. “He would have no idea what to do in a fight.”

After his arrest, the accused bully was released and told not to go near or speak to Carter.

“If you see something happening, step in,” LaMontain said. “Do something. Call the cops. Do something.”

LaMontain said the nasty Facebook statuses have stopped since the arrest.

In addition, there has been supervision over the arrested teenager when he’s at school to make sure nothing happens to Carter.

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