Gov. Shumlin: Two new sites test positive for PFOA and PFOS

MONTPELIER, Vt. (NEWS10) – Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin gave an update Thursday, announcing mixed results of the PFOA and PFOS testing from water samples collected at three locations in Vermont.

Officials say private wells tested near Harbour Industries in Shelburne tested clean for both chemicals.

Meanwhile, tests did show evidence of PFOA and PFOS at the Vermont Air National Guard site, and in an underground storage tank at the Pittsford Fire Academy.

Officials say the contamination has not affected any drinking water supplies. The wells located near these sites are either inactive or have been tested and shown not to contain perfluorocarbons.

Pittsfield’s municipal water supply showed no signs of PFOA or PFOS contamination.

PFOA and PFOS are likely carcinogens used in a variety of industrial prcesses to make non-stick and weather resistant surfaces. PFOS is also used in a special class of firefighting foams called aqueous film forming foams.

Fire departments have historically used both the National Guard and Fire Academy sites for routine training exercises involving firefighting foam.

Officials say Thursday’s results will prompt further testing and site investigation.

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