Folks plan ‘Sunset Sit-down’ on Saratoga sidewalks to protest new law

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – NEWS10 has been invited to a peaceful protest in Saratoga where folks will sit, lay down and hangout on every city sidewalk of Saratoga, NY.

The Facebook event says “City Hall has unfortunately decided to pass an ordinance which makes it illegal to sit down (or lay down) on the sidewalks of Saratoga Springs.”

The organizers say it’s unfortunate because it is a blatant attempt to eradicate through legalities the homeless and poor people who live in their beautiful city.

Residents of Saratoga say they will be staging a peaceful protest to raise awareness and show that the new ordinance has no bearing and does now work towards the betterment of the human condition.

They are asking people to bring guitars, violins, flutes and harmonicas. They also want people to bring coffee, sandwiches and whatever they’d like. By doing so, they hope to demonstrate that the sidewalks belong to the city’s residents.

They end their invite by saying “If homelessness is what the city aims to eradicate, perhaps its leaders can come up with ways to help those who find themselves less fortunate in such a rich city, rather than pass ordinances which would impose fines and possibly jail for someone who simply decided to sit down.”

You can join the Facebook event, here: Sunset Sit-down Session [PROTEST]

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