Summer Safety: Get ready to test drive the future of boating

BROADBALIN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This is the wave of the future when it comes to boating performance as well as safety.

Soon the local lakes will be filled with boaters. If you have a boat, or are thinking of buying one, NEWS10 has some inspiration!

On Thursday NEWS10 test drove the future of boating on the Great Sacandaga Lake.

The vessel is a 2016 Chaparral 24 VRX Vortex.

“What’s unique is it’s a jet boat,” said Mark O’Dell, Assistant Sales Manager at Alpin Haus Marine in Amsterdam. “It has no propeller that hangs off the back. It is a jet drive. All the internal propulsions are up inside the boat,” he explained.

This no- propeller jet boat can go!

While Heather Kovar was happy learning with O’Dell behind the wheel, in seconds she went from 0 to 40 – then faster.

“Fifty plus miles an hour,” said O’Dell.

Even on a windy cold day in choppy water, it was a smooth ride at 50mph. It’s fairly deep boat with a steep dead rise that’s the angle of the V really designed to handle rough water very, very well.

“This boat also has a cruise control. It’s designed for skiing. I can pick and choose what speed we want to ski at and it will automatically set,” O’Dell said.

He says most people don’t get the chance to drive them, so Alpin Haus is hosting a demo event this weekend. Saturday you can test drive this one, and Sunday, a Yamaha.

Just show up at the Sport Island Pub in Northville, sign up and go for a ride.

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