Indiana teen puts rat poison in parents’ drinks

SEYMOUR, Ind. (WISH) — A 13-year-old Jackson County boy has been arrested and charged with putting rat poison in his parents’ drinks.

“I don’t like seeing my kid go to jail, but something has to straighten him up.” Ralph Beeesley, the teen’s father, told 24-Hour News 8.

Beesley said he was in disbelief when the incident happened on Memorial Day. He said he and his wife were on the back deck having a cookout when the discovery was made.

“When my wife went to drink her Sprite, she found a nice chunk of rat poison in her Sprite. And then my youngest came up to me and said that William put rat poison in her Sprite, my Gatorade and the milk.” Beesley said.

Beesley said he called 911. The teen said he was trying to make his parents sick, Beesley told 24-Hour News 8, but the result could have been deadly.

“This is something that you see on TV shows or in the movies, but this is real; it just happened.” Seymour Police Department Capt. Carl Lamb said.

Beesley said his son found the poison in the home’s basement.

“Life can’t be that bad that you want to harm or kill your father or stepmother, I’m not sure what’s going on his life but at some point in time he must have been pretty upset with them about something,” Lamb added.

Beesley said his son was rebellious and didn’t want to follow the rules. Police arrested the teen and sent him to the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center in Brownstown.

“Heck, I think he was really trying to get my wife more than me. They don’t like my wife, plain and simple.” Beesley said.

The teen has been charged with aggravated battery.

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