Red Cross volunteers headed to Texas to aid in disaster relief

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Local Red Cross workers are heading to Houston, Texas to help people there impacted by flooding that has ravaged the state.

The month of May was the wettest month in Texas history and it is proving to be deadly. That is why four local volunteers will be heading south to help.

The state of Texas is dealing with record breaking rainfall, enough rain to cover the entire state. With more than eight inches of rain, streets turned into rivers and parking lots into lakes.

Some 6,000 homes were impacted by the floods.

Once on the ground the volunteers will help provide shelter, meals, and health services. One of them Edna Quesnel has been traveling to disaster areas for more than 20 years. NEWS10 caught up with her in October before she left for flood ravaged South Carolina.

“You could never put a monetary price on the hug you get from the little children or adults,” said Quesnel.

When volunteers were deployed to South Carolina they stayed for about two weeks. They will fly out of Albany this afternoon headed for Texas.

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