VIDEO: Girl with prosthetic leg bursts into tears after given extraordinary doll

CYPRESS, TEXAS (NEWS10) – A girl with a prosthetic leg got a very special gift, resulting in a whirlwind of emotions. The video of her reaction is now being shared around the world. You might want to grab a tissue before watching.

Courtney Fletcher Bennett posted a video on her Facebook page of her daughter receiving an American Girl doll as a gift, but this wasn’t any regular doll.doll

According to the video, Bennett’s daughter Emma has a prosthetic leg. And with the help of an aesthetic company they made her a custom doll that has features just like her.

Emma bursts into tears as she opens her extraordinary gift when it’s delivered by her little sister. “You, you, you… gotta be kidding me! She has a leg just like me!”

“I LOVE YOU!” she says.

Her mother then reads a letter about the doll’s voyage. It explains the doll was shipped to a New York-based company which fit with a tiny prosthetic leg. The letter goes on to say “She is ready to live her life without limitations with you [Emma].”

Emma hugs her doll so close, as her sister jumps for joy on the couch next to her.

“Thank you for making a doll like me!” she says, still trying to keep it together.

The video has been viewed over 9 million times.

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