Old Route 219 Bridge imploded in Springville

SPRINGVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) The 219 bridge over Cattaraugus Creek was imploded by engineers Thursday morning.

Crews worked ahead of the implosion deadline to remove concrete decking, leaving only exposed trusses for a controlled explosion. As part of the implosion, which will involve dangerous explosives, New York State officials say all traffic will be halted in a 1,000 foot radius as the three-second blast knocks out the rickety crossing. Formerly known as the Old Route 219 bridge, it’s now known as the South Cascade Drive-Miller Road Bridge.

Onlookers are discouraged, as officials say there’s no way to safeguard against injury if bystanders don’t abide by guidelines set up by officials and the Maryland contractor, Controlled Demolition. To help encourage residents to stay in their homes, officials are allowing media access to cameras and they say there will even be a drone filming footage.

The roads that will be closed are as follows:

  • Scoby Hill Road from the north
  • South Cascade Drive from the north
  • 219 Expressway from the north
  • Miller Road from the south
  • 219 Expressway from the south

In addition to closed off roads, officials will block off the creek, so as to stop any boaters who may attempt to get too close or are unaware of the implosion.

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