Innovative program at McNulty Academy to boost creativity

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Inspiring students to write!

For the past three years, there’s been a unique incentive to help boost creativity at McNulty Academy Elementary in Amsterdam.

The students are being recognized and challenged to write creatively. And it’s all because of Jerry Antil, he’s an author himself. He wrote Pompey Hollow Book Club. It’s a whole series of books. And he has another book coming out. But he’s donating books and lots of other prizes for students who write.

“We encourage them to write stories to tell stories. That encourages them to want to read. We go from kindergarten right up to the fifth grade,” said Jerry Antil, author and philanthropist.

Each grade gets a prize.

“In each grade the overall winner wins a kindle fire, which is a full blown computer. And the overall for the school wins an all in one computer, flat screen computer,” said Antil.

But this year we have tie!

“We have a tie for overall school winner. This year it will be a fifth grader for her book a “Secret Look into the life of Molly Bee,” and a kindergartener “Hey You, Be You” and it’s about being yourself and they will tie.

They’ll both win a flat screen computer.

NEWS10 also talked to the principal of McNulty, Todd Giagni. He told us what this means to the students.

“Our vision here is to work hard, be nice and lead. So the work hard is really important because what it does, is it shows that kids who were dedicated and work really  hard on their writing, they end up getting rewarded. Whether it’s the computer, or the recognition of certificate and their name said, and they feel it on the inside as well. It’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, which is exactly what we want for our students,” said Todd Giagni, Principal, McNulty Academy.

It helps them getting writing creatively.

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