Several veterans and civilians came to honor fallen soldiers at Saratoga National Cemetery

SARATOGA, NY (NEWS10) – “When someone joins the military, they are signing a blank check that can amount up to their life, of course. So, you never really know if you’re going to come home or not,” said Rachel Fredericks, a Lance Corporal in the U.S. Marines.

12,000 mini U.S. flags keep the headstones of our fallen veterans company at Saratoga National Cemetery. Their family, friends, and numerous veterans’ advocacy groups stuck each in the ground to show their gratitude.

“Those freedoms that those men and women gave to us are those that we take for granted. Without the military, without those sacrificing, without those fighting for our freedoms each and every day, we wouldn’t have the freedoms that we have here in America, “said NY Senator Kathy Marchione.

There was silence in the cemetery as veterans and civilians together honored those who thought more of us than themselves, giving everything they could, even their own lives, in the name of freedom.

“Freedom to us is everything in our daily activities, the things that we are allowed to do without restriction. It’s a great country. It doesn’t really compare to any other country and the freedoms that we have so we thank the fallen for that,” said Ray Sestak of the Patriot Riders.

They lived lives dedicated to selfless service, taking on the enemies foreign and domestic. On the weekend of this, the 150th Memorial Day, we have just one thing to say to our past and present armed forces personnel.

“Thank you, and that is all that needs to be said,” said Fredericks.

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