Woman identified after being hit, killed by two cars on Central Avenue

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After being shut down for some three hours Tuesday morning after a deadly accident, all lanes are back open along Central Avenue.

The woman, identified as 62-year-old Borziloke Zakolli of Colonie, was struck by two separate vehicles and police have released the names of those two drivers. They say 30-year-old Nicole Handerhan of Rennselaer was driving the first car and 28-year-old Jennisa Rodriquez of Colonie was driving the second.

They say Zakolli wasn’t carrying any sort of identification when she was struck.

A busy morning commute came to a halt on Central Avenue in Colonie as police responded to the deadly crash. Police say just after 7 a.m. a woman was struck by a white Subaru and one other car in the area of Motel 6 and Krause’s Candy.

A bag of returnable bottles and cans the woman had been carrying was scattered in the road. tull shoe

“We do know that she was struck by one car in the left lane and after she was thrown into the second lane she was struck by another car,” said Lt. Ken Pero, Colonie PD.

Lieutenant Pero with the Colonie Police Department says the woman was making her way from Motel 6. She walked across both eastbound lanes, to the median halfway across Central Ave. Then as she approached the westbound lanes she was struck by the first car and again by a second.

Lieutenant Pero says while Central Ave. has seen a number of pedestrian accidents, this one was different.

“Well, we have had accidents here in the past, but most of those were at night, people wearing dark clothing, this is one of our first that’s in the daylight,” said Lt. Pero.

However, similar to other instances, it does not appear the woman was using a crosswalk.

“A lot has been done along this stretch of road to improve the quality for the pedestrians, but accidents happen,” Pero said.

Police say neither speed nor alcohol were factors in the accident. The drivers of both vehicles are cooperating and police are still interviewing several witnesses.

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