Pittsfield, Mass. Friendly’s damaged by grease fire

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Firefighters say an early morning kitchen fire at the Friendly’s Restaurant on Dalton Ave caused significant damage Friday.

Repair and clean-up costs necessary to restore full operations have been estimated at $40,000. The Friendly’s restaurant is expected to be closed for at least two to three days while clean-up is done.

Crews say no one was injured as a result of this grease fire, caused by the ignition of cooking grease beneath and inside a large flat-top griddle.

According to the assistant manager Dee Lewis, when the fire started, employees tried to put it out with the extinguisher, but were unsuccessful. Employees then activated the overhead extinguisher system, but it too failed to smother the fire. The extinguisher was inside the cooking unit and therefore out of reach of the extinguishing agent, according to deputy chief Steven Peaslee.

According to Peaslee, when firefighters arrived, heavy smoke was issuing from room-top ducts and open doors.

Lt. Tony Campbell was first on scene from Somerset Ave Fire Station and he reported a flaming grease fire. The fire was quickly brought under control and then extinguished by fire personnel.

The building was fully doused with dust-like particulate extinguishing agent from both the ansul and dry-chemical extinguishers.

Deputy Peaslee says there were three employees in the restaurant at the time of the time of the fire, but no one was injured.

There were no firefighter injuries reported either.

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