Parents: 8-year-old was ‘freaked out’ after mistakenly being served alcoholic root beer

LAS VEGAS (ABC NEWS) – Tyler Schwab couldn’t wait to order his favorite restaurant drink.

“I said can I have a root beer?! He says sure!”

Tyler took two or three sips and noticed this wasn’t the right drink.  “Blah, what do you call that!? Throw up root beer? Cause that’s what it tastes like.”

His mother Adrianna Schwab says Tyler said it didn’t taste like root beer.

“My fiancé grabbed the bottle and started looking at it and saw it said 5.9 alcohol content,” Adrianna said.

“This was a wrong root beer. It’s an alcohol root beer, not a regular root beer,” Tyler said.

Not only was Tyler 8 years old, but he has a heart defect and is on ADHD medication.

“He was really freaked out. He asked me if he was going to die,” Adrianna said.

The server and manager came over to their table and started apologizing for the mistake and immediately took the bottle away.

“They were apologetic, but not as apologetic as they should have been for the circumstance it was.”

T.G.I Fridays would not elaborate on how the mix up happened.

The family says the manager told them the reason it happened was because the bartender was training and the two root beers are located right next to each other.

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