Local police departments taking part in massive training exercise

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Local police searched high and low for a suspect and the getaway driver in a bank robbery drill Friday morning.

Departments within Rensselaer County were testing out their new emergency communications radio system at the Hudson Valley Plaza in Troy. Around 30 officers from throughout Rensselaer County were called in to help track down the suspect.

“This is going to be developing information as if it were in real time,” Troy Sgt. Sam Carello said. “Because we know things go wrong in real time. Sometimes the description is wrong; the suspect vehicle was a different color. We’ve thrown some wrinkles into this to make it a little bit challenging for the officers.”

As K-9 units sniffed out the suspect’s path on foot, New York State Police searched from above. Meanwhile, patrolling officers and station dispatchers shared anonymous tips and witness accounts.

The new Rensselaer County Emergency Communications Radio System was used during the training as all surrounding departments are now on one frequency in an effort to make a multi-agency response less complicated.

“It’s very important,” Sgt. Carello said. “Gives us another tool on the tool belt. It’s the immediacy. No more will you have to call your dispatcher for them to use a landline to call another dispatcher. Now you can go directly from radio to radio; officer to officer. Much easier. Much more efficient.”

To avoid any traffic interruptions or unnecessary distractions, any patrol car that came in or out of the plaza did so without any lights or sirens.

Sgt. Carello said the suspects were apprehended in Schodack. A full report on the response is expected in the coming weeks.

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