Homeowners wondering about qualifications for filters following new PFOA guidelines

HOOSICK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State Health Officials continue to review the EPA’s new PFOA guideline of 70 ppt.

Back in February, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the state was paying to install carbon filters for roughly 1,500 homes in the Town of Hoosick.

The DEC is still shipping carbon filters and flushing them before installation.

Many homeowners on private wells are wondering if they still qualify for a carbon filter.

“It would be a hardship for us to buy a whole filter system and maintain it,” Charlie Perkins, Hoosick resident, said.

The same goes for Richard Black, whose well showed PFOA levels are just below the federal standard at 68 ppt.

“I am concerned that they may not give me the filtering system that I think we need.”

The health department is reviewing what the new EPA standards mean for the contamination cleanup.

The lifetime advisory level gives other agencies a better idea of what steps to take, but it does not regulate the chemicals. This means they do not have to be routinely tested for.

That measure is still being considered by the EPA.

An organization called the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that researches toxic chemicals says the EPA is limited by the Safe Drinking Water Act. It’s pushing for PFOA regulations.

“The chemical is extremely persistent in the environment, it doesn’t break down so it’s not really go away,” Dr. David Andrew, Senior Scientist at EWG, said. “It’s imperative that the EPA and local authorities really work to clean up the contaminated sites.”

Last year, EWG says it released a report that a safe drinking water level may be 1 part per trillion or lower.

Perkins is hoping we don’t end up in the same spot a few decades from now.

“What else is in the ground? I think that’s probably what people all over the country are going to be saying,” Perkins said.

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