Hello, Rumor Has It, Someone Like You, Can’t See Adele – Blame State Leaders

If you clicked on this link hoping I was giving away free concert tickets I’m sorry to say I’m not. What I can offer is my two cents on this completely corrupted ticket broker system we are living with and tell you how once again your governor and state leaders let you down.

In case you missed it the governor just signed an extension of the broken ticket scalping law. It essentially allows big companies to continue buying up all the seats to the concerts you want to see and holding them ransom unless you pay way over face value on a ticket broker site. This used to be illegal but about nine years ago someone thought it would be a good idea to “let the market sort this out.” Oh yeah, brilliant. What we have now is a system where you have zero shot at getting a ticket to anything you want to see. Unless you want to see Carrot Top, I’m pretty sure his seats are still available.

Take Adele for example. Last fall her highly anticipated tour was announced. If you were her number one fan you had about 50 concerts to choose from which equaled roughly 750,000 tickets up for grabs. How could you not score one? Let me tell you how.  According to Billboard magazine, of those 750k only about 300,000 tickets were actually available to regular people. The rest went to pre-sales, VIP’s and various other “ticket holding services” whatever that means.

I have a friend who is a die-hard fan and at exactly 10 a.m. the day Adele went on sale she was clicking “buy” on her computer. She was willing to travel to any arena to see her yet somehow she couldn’t get a single ticket anywhere. But by 11 a.m. the same morning thousands of tickets were already posted on the broker sites for obscene prices. I just went to StubHub and looked at Adele tickets for one of the shows at Madison Square Garden this September.  The cheapest seat in the nose bleed section is $325. If you want to sit on the floor near the stage they are over $3,000 per ticket. Forget rolling in the deep, you’d have to be rolling in the dough to sit there.

So why won’t our leaders stop this nonsense? Governor Cuomo says throwing the brakes on this system would cause too much disruption right now so he’s giving them a year to fix it. I think he’s missing the point. Causing disruption is exactly what is required to end this. Pass a law that says from this day forward if you want to resell a ticket you can’t ask for more than 10 percent above face value or you are breaking the law. Period. You’ll see how quickly the StubHubs of the world go away and how many tickets are suddenly available at 10 a.m. the day they go on sale.

The only people who benefit from this current system are the big companies gobbling up all the tickets and the rich. Yeah that guy or gal who whips out the platinum card and has no problem charging $6,000 for two seats down front. It stinks. The whole thing just stinks.

But there’s good news. The governor has spoken and in 365 days if they don’t straighten themselves out and stop screwing the common man these ticket brokers are going to get a good talking to. Of course by that time Adele won’t be on tour any more but hey at least you’ll have those wonderful memories of your night with Carrot Top.

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