5/17 Pet Connection: Luke and Princess Leia

Luke and Princess Leia(Domestic Shirthaired) are just the best kittens. They were born in September 2015, so they are 8 months old. They are VERY bonded, so they MUST go together. Most people who see them think they are savannah cats or bengal mix, but they are just generic “born outside to a feral mama” cats. They LOVE to climb and jump. Leia, in particular, likes to “trill”. Luke trills sometimes, but Leia does it all the time. She loves to “sing” to me. These kittens are FEARLESS, and they love to climb, jump, and explore. They are both GREAT on a leashed harness, and they are quite happy to explore the outside world or PetSmart that way. These two are VERY active, so they will need a cat tree and LOTS of play time to tire them out. They also enjoy being cuddled, when they aren’t racing around the house! They both get along great with other felines, but they are so bonded to each other that they MUST go together. They play with other foster kittens, but they only sleep curled up together. AS for dogs…they really don’t seem interested.

Kitten ANGELS 573 9906

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