Super Mom Monday: Getting your child into good eating, exercise habits early on

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – NEWS10 is dedicated to helping your children and your family.

If you have concerns over your child’s weight, we have some answers for you.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to not say that they’re overweight. Instead, push them to get involved.

Weight is a touchy subject not only for kids, but their parents as well. Doctor’s warn us that our kids are getting larger and larger, but how do we talk to our kids about losing weight without destroying their image?

As uncomfortable as it is, it’s important to address it early, and not to have an extreme reaction. Remember that growth spurts can lead to a few extra pounds that kids continue to grow into.

It’s recommended that up until age 14 kids should focus on maintaining their weight, and not so much on extensive weight loss. Trainers and doctors say the best building blocks are exercise and appetite.

Get your kids active at a young age so they learn to love working out, and when it comes to diet — mind the sugar!

“By cutting out the processed foods, by cutting out the sugars, little changes that you do as the parent can have a huge impact on the child, they will see the differences and everyone else will just by you pulling those things and not having them in the household,” said Amanda Knighten, personal trainer.

“If we can correct it when they’re younger then we won’t have the problems as they get older into adulthood and face some of those disease processes that it can lead to,” said Dr. Ben Doga, family practice physician.

If you are wondering where your child lands, the CDC has this online body mass index calculator.

Doctors point out that obesity rates fluctuate with children and we as parents should be more focused on healthy habits than losing weight.

Join us next week on NEWS10 in the Morning as we tackle another growing problem: Kids popping pills without even knowing what they are.

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