Thousands converge in Albany to protest oil trains

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Oil trains that come into the Capitol Region pass just 15 feet behind the Ezra Prentice Apartment Complex. Saturday thousands of people from all over the Northeast converged on the Port of Albany to tell the people that own these trains that they’ve had enough.

The protest started in Lincoln Park, a mass of nearly a thousand people, uniformly protesting against oil trains in small communities all over the Northeast.

The group then split up to cover two distinct agendas. Some went to sit on train tracks at the Port of Albany to block any inbound trains and others advocated for the people that live in the Ezra Prentice Apartment Complex.

“We are not asking them to make it go away overnight. We are asking them to help us make our communities safe,” said Vivian Kornegay.

In this neighborhood, children play on a court that is usually a neighbor to those oil trains. Some people are even calling it environmental racism

“It’s not safe here in the city of Albany because there are so many people around in this area. What if the trains blow up? We gone, “said Clara Philips, who lived in the South End of Albany.

At the train tracks, people had many different reasons for joining in the protest. Some of these reasons include environmental safety, standing against fracking, or just to encourage better use of our natural world.

Some people think it’s ironic to protest against oil trains if you have a car or electricity.

“We are all stuck in the same system. The only difference between me and somebody who calls me a hypocrite for that is that I refuse to stay stuck,” said Marla Marcum.

“This is about engaging the people that live in the community. If you engage and educate them, they will make the right decisions and help the powers that be make the right decisions that affect their lives,” said Carolyn McGlaughlin, Albany County Council President.

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