Florida street transforming into giant water slide Saturday

TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — A giant water slide will take over North Boulevard in downtown Tampa Saturday.

The massive block party, in Tampa for the first time, will have food and music in addition to other games and fun. Kids five years old and up can slide.

Spencer Hunn and his friend John Malfatto came up with the idea that now goes across the country to dozens of cities. “At first I thought it was a dumb idea,” Hunn admits. “But then I tried the slide and was transformed into being a kid again. I was giddy and wanted to run back up and try again.”

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The event starts at 9 a.m. Saturday. Most pre-passes are sold out but you can buy tickets on site Saturday. “Last Call” registration costs $35 and includes three slides, a tube, a mouth guard and drawstring bag. That price increases to $45 the day of the event. Cost of a single slide is $20 on the day of the event.

Purchase tickets here.

SEE PHOTOS: The giant water slide event is scheduled for Tampa on May 14.
SEE MORE PHOTOS: Slide the City: The giant water slide event is scheduled to come to Tampa(Photo courtesy Slide the City)

Hunn says the response in Tampa is so good the company plans to come back in September.

“It’s almost like sledding,” Hunn said. “I know a lot of people in Tampa have never been sledding, but it’s so much fun. You’ll be like a child just going down the bridge all day.”

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