Vermont conducts successful test of the Amber Alert system

VERMONT (NEWS10) – The Vermont Department of Public Safety conducted a test of the Vermont AMBER Alert system Wednesday morning.

The DPS says the exercise tested several components of the Alert system and was considered a success.

During the test the VT-Alert system sent out 8,711 emails and 4,575 text messages to subscribers. VT Trans posted the test alert on 42 boards across the state and the Vermont Lottery displayed the alert on lottery boards and printed it on lottery tickets at over 800 locations around the state.

An email with the fake alert scenario was also sent to over 6,000 email accounts.

The test also utilized the internet and social media, posting the alert on websites, Facebook and twitter pages.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) was also used to send the test alert message to local TV and radio stations.

The DPS says only those registered with the VT-Alert system will receive Amber Alert messages in the state of Vermont so if you wish to receive Amber Alerts you must sign up for an account.

To sign up for a free account, or learn more about VT-Alert visit:

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