Schumer calls for EPA to release PFOA and PFOS contamination guidelines

Charles Schumer

WASHINGTON (NEWS10) – Senator Charles Schumer called on the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) Thursday to release updated drinking water guidelines for PFOA and PFOS-related contamination.

PFOS and PFOA are both used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of commercial and consumer products. Both chemicals are extremely persistent in the environment and resistant to natural environmental degradation.

Sen. Schumer says the toxicity and bioaccumulation of PFOA and PFOS can pose a serious risk to human health, which is why the EPA must act quickly to issue guidelines regarding acceptable levels of contamination.

Sen. Schumer says PFOA and PFOS guidelines from the EPA are long overdue.

“The EPA must publish its new PFOA and PFOS guidelines – yesterday,” said Schumer. “They promised to do it by spring, and here we are in May. Communities

The announcement comes in response to the recent discoveries of PFOA and PFOS contamination in the drinking water of New York communities like Hoosick Falls, Newburgh, and Petersburgh.

The PFOA discovered in Hoosick Falls was linked to the use of PFOA to manufacture products at the McCaffrey Street plant, now owned by Saint Gobain Performance Plastics.

Schumer says these incidents in Upstate New York underscore the need for the EPA to arm New York communities with the most up to date and accurate information in regards to acceptable levels of contamination, so the necessary steps are taken to ensure the health of the public and the environment.

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