Paramedic exonerated of criminal sexual act trying to clear name

HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Alexander Dombrowski was exonerated of a criminal sex act and is now working to clear his name.

Back in October, 28-year-old Alex sat in a chair for more than 40 minutes while being questioned by an investigator about a sexual encounter. A Columbia County Grand Jury chose not to indict him.

The family spoke with NEWS10’s Trishna Begam and say they never expect this to go away.

The accusation claims that he forced a female coworker to perform oral sex on him. That accusation turned out to be false and a grand jury dismissed the charges just this week.

Alex’s father Rob, believed his son’s story.

“It’s been terrible since October,” Rob said.

Since the allegations, Alex was fired from the Greenport Rescue Squad and the state revoked his license to work as an paramedic.

“A lot of the times the headlines are rapist or sex assault, but it’s buried when a person is exonerated,” Pollok said.

That’s why Ron and his attorney are trying to clear his name.

Even though they have to relive his arrest, Ron says no one wants to hire him. He also fears his name will always be attached to the false allegations against him.

“This will never go away,” Ron said. “This will always be with him for the next 50 years.”

Alex is currently trying to get his state license back.

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