Folks get a false sense of Ethics Reform, doubt that corruption will stop

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With Dean Skelos being sentenced Thursday and Sheldon Silver’s sentencing was last week, the question of what is being done to curb corruption front and center for the state of New York.

Many are calling on the state legislature to take swift action, but time is running out before the session is over. New Yorkers want to see ethics reforms passed, but there’s only five weeks left for them to do it. According to a recent Siena poll, they highly doubt it will happen.

There are some bills being discussed in the Assembly during this period.

One includes stripping pensions and retirement benefits from corrupt public officials. Another bill is the public officers’ accountability act which would make it a crime for failure to report corruption and prohibit the use of campaign funds for criminal defense fees.

An additional bill would make it mandatory for all officials to complete mandatory ethics training on an annual basis.

On Thursday, an anti-corruption coalition will rally at the Capitol and outside Foley Square in the city ahead of the Skelos sentencing urging lawmakers to take action.

They did the same ahead of Silver’s sentencing.

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