Super Mom Monday: Decoding your teenagers’ text messages

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – When teenagers are communicating they’re always wondering who else is going to see those messages. And so one of the things that they are going to do is use code words.

On this Super Mom Monday we’re looking at the secret codes teens are using to communicate and in an ever evolving digital world.

There are the everyday codes we all know

  • LOL
  • BRB
  • OMG

But even the good natured ones have changed…

  • LMK = let me know
  • WYCM = will you call me.

But there is an entire underworld of more devious codes you wouldn’t suspect.

  • WTTP = want to trade pictures?
  • GNOC = Get naked on camera
  • CU46 = See you for sex

There are also drug codes.

  • CID = acid.
  • 710 = marijuana, because flipped over it spells ‘oil’ which is a high thc content marijuana.

Other codes referring to drug use: “Loud” and “Lean”

When you type in #Lean into Instagram there are more than three million posts, but as teens text away, tracking that can be difficult.

Computer experts point out this “teen code” talk changes as fast as trends come and go.

“So now you have to constantly stay up to date on the types of SMS messaging systems that your students and your kids are using,” said an expert.

There are a number of decoding sites like that can translate and programs like WebSafety can monitor emails, social networking sites and text messages.

As parents we all need to constantly monitor what are children are doing and saying online.

Join us next week when take a closer look at child weight loss and the lessons they can learn now to help later in life.

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