Car slams power pole in Scotia, traffic delays caused early morning headaches

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The power is back on, streets have been re-opened and the clean-up process continues for some local homeowners after a bizarre crash early Monday morning.

It all happened around 2 a.m. at the intersection of North Ballston Avenue and Washington Road in Scotia. While it’s not clear if drugs or alcohol played a role, police tell NEWS10 speed was certainly a contributing factor.

Sleeping families in this quiet scotia neighborhood woke up in a state of panic early Monday morning.

“We were sound asleep then I heard a big huge bang,” said Maria Wagner, Scotia.

Wagner says it wasn’t long before her 8-year-old son ran into her room just as startled and confused.

“I thought someone crashed into our house,” said Joey Wagner.

But it was actually their neighbor who found the black Nissan Altima in her front yard.

She didn’t want to go on camera, but walked us through what happened.

“I went to grab my phone to call 911 police were already here,” she said.

That’s because police had been briefly pursuing 26-year-old Eric Bauer. Bauer allegedly failed to dim his high beams while passing an officer. She turned around to follow him, but says Bauer sped up, reaching speeds up to 90 mph.

Seconds later he lost control.

“Took the pole out, took my railing out and it came up here destroyed the grass hit the bush into the tree,” the neighbor said.

Shards of glass are still imbedded into the bark a few feet high, indicating the car went airborne before landing on the sidewalk. The impact sent glass and car parts everywhere. We found his passenger side door several feet away from where it belonged.

“The driver who was thought to be severely injured at the time was taken to Albany Med where it was later determined that he suffered only minor injuries,” said Lt. Steve Janik, Glenville PD.

“Crazy, crazy night in Scotia,” he continued.

Police say Bauer is charged with reckless driving and a number of traffic violations. It’s not clear whether drugs or alcohol were a factor; police are waiting on toxicology results. But they say more charges are likely.

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